Monday, November 27, 2006

Which Should Be Experienced First-- The Book Or The Movie?

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The other night a friend was begging me to read Eragon by Christopher Paolini before the movie version comes out, so that I can see it with her. I said I'd rather see the movie first, and she said it would ruin the book.

My argument is that over the years, I have found that I usually don't enjoy movies based on books all that much if I read the book first. But, if I see the movie first, then it usually remains the same in my opinion after I've read the book, even if the book is better (which it usually is).

My friend's argument is that if you dislike something about the movie, like the portrayal of a particular character, it can ruin that something for you when you read the book.

So, which should be experienced first-- the book or the movie?


My sister wants to see the movie first because she gets totally bent out of shape when movies "get it wrong." She figures even if she doesn't like the movie, she'll be able to look past it and enjoy the book.
PS I saw two chicks get matching tattoos of their first initials tonight on Miami Ink as a celebration of the 20th anniversary of their friendship. What do you think? ;)
it all depends on something you have no way of knowing yet... if they did a good job on the movie. if not, reading the book first will make you hate the movie. if so, reading the book first will make the movie much easier to follow.

either way, i disagree about a bad movie element ruining the book. i trust you to give the book the benifit of the doubt.
I didn't like the book to begin with. It was rather childishly written imo. I'd skip the book if at all possible.
I think you should watch the movie first and then let the book work its wonders afterwards..
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