Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sunny Sunday

8:50 p.m. / 20:50

Somehow today I was not completely overcome by my usual Sunday blues. I think this was probably due in part to the fact that it was very sunny today, although chilly.

I spent a lot of time reading. I think my most recent TV binge has finally ended. I finished one book and read quite a bit of another, so I'll be doing one of my book posts again soon. It's starting to feel a little weird, going so many posts without really talking about books, but I don't read fast enough to talk about what I'm reading every day; not unless I start sharing them with you chapters at a time, rather than waiting until I'm finished.

I went to Barnes & Noble tonight and bought my Christmas cards, so that's out of the way. I picked up a couple of John Irving novels while I was there. Are you aware that mass market paperbacks cost $8.00 a piece these days? It's expensive to be a book-buying bibliophile! Why can't I be satisfied with library books alone?

After Barnes & Noble, I came home and ate dinner. I won't bore you with details (assuming you're not already bored) but I have discovered that a quick, yummy way to make dinner is to throw leftover pasta, shredded cheese, handy veggies (it was tomatoes tonight) and spices (like garlic powder, sweet basil and oregano) into a bowl and throw it in the microwave. Hmm... maybe that was still too much detail. Anyway, I while I ate I watched a Ghostbusters cartoon for the first time in... a very long time; probably more than fifteen years. I bought the boxed set of Ghostbusters 1 & 2 a few weeks ago, and there are two animated episodes on the disc with Ghostbusters 2. That was a thrilling discovery. I liked a lot of cartoons as a child, but
The Real Ghostbusters was a favorite.

ooh, which cards did you get?

I wonder if you got the ones I'm getting...I want the two Gorey sets and the Grinch ones :D
I got one of the Gorey sets (thus the asking about Gertrude Stein) and a set of Kliban's Cats.
i swear books are the next thing to cigarettes and gas for crazy inflation.
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