Monday, November 27, 2006

My Annual 15 Minutes Of Organization

9:12 p.m. / 21:12

I am pretty well known for being disorganized. I'd love to explain how that's only about half-true (that I'm disorganized), but that's not what this post is about.

Every year in December, I face this little clump of birthdays right in the middle of the month. S.S. and J.G. on the 13th and then M.F. on the 14th.

Back when these days inevitably fell during my final exam week, I began getting the cards ready to drop in the mail way ahead of time. For various reasons, such as December being a bit stressful even without final exams, I have continued with this little organizational ritual. So, tonight I sit here trying to enjoy my annual 15 minutes of organization, glancing now and then to the three envelopes I have just stamped, addressed and sealed, but as usual I am almost too bothered by the eerie feeling of preparedness to truly enjoy it.

you could be massively random in your organization, like me. i already have a gift picked out for one of them, but not for the birthday that was 2 weeks ago.
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