Saturday, November 11, 2006

Christmas Approaches

10:55 p.m. / 22:55

Actually, it wouldn't be too far from the truth to say that Christmas is upon us. It's my feeling that Christmas decorations ought to stay in their boxes until at least the first of December, but I obviously have no control over anyone beyond myself. Actually, it occasionally gets called into question whether or not I do in fact have control of myself. But back to Christmas! It's nearly here, Thanksgiving be damned. I would like to wait until December first to bother with any of it, but I've sort of decided that's an unrealistic position to take. So, tonight I have started in on making Christmas tree ornaments to give as gifts. I'll have to keep a somewhat tight schedule if I'm going to get them all done. I need to make a dozen or so, which to some crafty folks might not sound like so many, but these involve layers of paint and many layers of glued tissue paper that have to dry in between coats. I rotate them such that at any given time I have three or four in progress, but still all of that drying slows things. But I'm digressing again. I think gift shopping will absolutely have to wait until nearer to Christmas for financial reasons, but that's actually kind of a bummer, because I'm not a fan of crowed stores. I have made a mental note (so far not lost in the shuffle of nonsense circulating at all times within my head) to go to Barnes & Noble and buy my over-priced Christmas cards before the ones I want are gone. So, yeah, Christmas is here already, and I must come to terms with that.

Now, wait, wait, I'm not done with this maze-like post just yet. I have to tell you that I love Christmas. I do not get annoyed with the early decorations and all of that because I'm one of those people who doesn't get into Christmas for whatever reason. I really, truly love Christmas, and all of the good times with family and friends, and the trees and the lights... the food... what else? Oh, yes, Christmas cards arriving in the mail, the Salvation Army bell ringers, wreaths, nativity scenes, Christmas music, pretty, pretty wrapping paper... I love it all! I guess I just prefer it sort of concentrated. It just isn't as much fun if it's drawn out so long. I can't wait for Christmas... but I most certainly will.

i don't know about december first, but how about after thanksgiving?

i'm okay with it being in stores once halloween has passed, but i'm pretty sure we were selling it in september.
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