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I have mentioned that I have a blog in casual conversation more often than usual lately, in part because of NaBloPoMo. I never expect people to get excited about it, but it bothers me that some people react so negatively. Why do they care so much? I'm not telling them in hopes that they'll ask for the address so they can read it. Honestly if that was my goal, I'd probably skip the beating-around-the-bush bit and write it down for them whether they want it or not.

I know one person who seems to associate having a blog with whining. I do not whine here! Well, not usually anyway. Most of the time, this is about as close as I get to whining; just venting about an on-going issue that bothers me. I am not a drama queen and whatever drama does take place in my life, this is not where I want to talk about it. I have tried to explain this to this guy more than once, but every mention of a blog or blogging still brings on a comment about drama, whining or both.

Some people just seem put off by blogging by the shear number of people doing it. It's kind of cliche right now, and cliches are bound to put some people off. Actually, if it weren't for the fact that somehow I am actually one of the first of my friends to start blogging, I think I might have ended up holding that same opinion. None the less, was it necessary for someone I know to declare today that she doesn't know how to blog, and doesn't care to? I was barely aware she was in the room, and thus wasn't really speaking to her, so the whole thing knocked me off-balance for a second. I also have a friend who told me upon first hearing I had a blog that he doesn't read blogs, and almost seemed bothered by the fact that I was doing something so cliche.

If you're reading this, then I suppose you are not an anti-blogger, which means I'm preaching to the choir, but I just had to get this out there.

Hi, I'm a new reader (thanks to that great NaBloPoMo Randomizer!). I'm a Hoosier, too, temporarily living somewhere other than Indiana.

When I discuss blogging with people, I don't usually tell them I have a blog. So when I come across an anti-blogger, and I've found a few, it's challenging not to get defensive! I usually end up saying something like, "I hear it can be very rewarding," and changing the subject.
I like blogs. Especially ones with free vegetarian recipes or knitting patterns. But yours is cool too! :D
You go, Girl :)

My friends barely know what a blog is. They have my URL but rarely go there. Tells you know exciting my blog is :)

I'm a whiner, but proud of it!

I rarely admit to having a blog even though I started mine about 3 years ago. Blogging is my new hobby now (thanks NaBloPoMo) and I'm very excited about it, but it's a personal thing to me and I don't want people I know reading it. I love reading blogs too, my husband says it's because I'm nosey, but I can't help it! I find reading about other people fascinating! I don't have much to say to the blog haters if they don't want to blog that's fine but I don't go around hating on people that waterski as a hobby...
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