Wednesday, October 18, 2006

This Blog Is Not Abandoned

12:25 p.m. / 12:25

Dear Readers... all five or six of you... this blog has not been abandoned, only neglected. I am sorry. Kind of. Hopefully I will be posting more soon.

In other unexciting news, a co-worker compared me to a tree today, because I am wearing a green sweater and brown pants.

Did not someone compare you to a frog too?
Ha! You do actually read my blog.

The frog comparison was later in the day after I'd blogged the tree comparison.
the tree comparison is funny, but the frog comparison doesn't make any sense, unless there's something else that i've missed. because frogs don't wear brown pants.
Well... since you don't work with me, you pretty much missed all of it, but I'm not sure it'd help much. Honestly, I only half understood the frog bit myself.
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