Thursday, October 19, 2006

I Disgust Myself

11:48 p.m. / 23:48

I'm on a MAJOR television (on DVD) binge right now, involving season one of ER, season two of House M.D. and season two of NUMB3RS. Disgusting.

Oh, I suppose there are worse ways to spend my time, but I need to get back to some of my other interests. Like blogging, for example. I haven't been reading very much either. And I'm starting to miss talking to friends online. I haven't done all that much of that lately either. The computer and television are in two different rooms.

Well, gotta go. I just HAVE to watch the next episode of House!

Yay, NUMB3RS! I love that show!
and yet i have a feeling you didn't watch the new episode of ER that was on tonight.
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