Thursday, May 18, 2006

This Time, You Really Won't Care

1:33 a.m. / 01:33

Unless my dad has begun reading my blog, which seems unlikely, no one but me will care, but feel that I have to mention that those things on either side of title on the previous post are not really quotation marks. It's a common mistake, but quote marks are not straight, they're curved. Those things are something else... inch symbols, I suppose. I'm not really sure what they are, but what they are not is quotation marks. I try to do my quote marks properly whenever I can, but I don't have any control (that I know of) over the appearance of my titles.

You crack me up! But in a good way.

I was spazzing yesterday over misplaced colons in newspaper headlines, so I can't judge.
Sure you can! Instead of using the quote button on your keyboard, you have to use special codes for the quotes you want. You have to type “ for a Left Double Quote and ” for a Right Double Quote.

So this:

“Some title”

will get you this:

“Some title”

It's slightly less convenient than hitting the quotation mark button, but it's totally worth it, right?

And don't worry, things like that bother me too.
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