Friday, April 07, 2006

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As I type this, I sit surrounded by cookbooks, most of which are, of course vegetarian. I have been working on a compilation of recipes to be kept in a binder for future use. I was always impressed by the genius of the original Betty Crocker cookbook being in a binder format, so that recipes could be added to it. The way I'm setting up my binder, if I try a recipe and don't like it, I can take it out. In theory, this will eventually result in a collection of tried and trusted recipes.

I made my first ever rubber band ball at work last week. It is now here at home with me, where I have colored it with Sharpie markers. It needs another layer or two of rubber bands, and then I think it will be done. Inside, there are a few hidden features, such as paper clips and a small cross someone found in a drawer.

I have checked out a few CDs at work in the past couple of days, because I felt like trying something new, or at least sort of new. In the car I have been listening to a CD made from when Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson did VH1 Storytellers. Tonight I have listened to the Best of Kirsty MacColl and another album by The Pogues. I would like to hear more of both of these two, but I think this might be the best I can do without spending a lot of money ordering things off of the internet.

My job situation continues to confound me. On Monday a friend called from South Carolina to ask me how to mail a postcard, but eventually managed to to give me a somewhat warranted lecture on the state of my career. Hmm... it's her birthday today... Happy Birthday to the coolest teacher in Charleston!

I've been neglecting my crochet and sketchbooks. This is probably because I haven't been watching so many movies as I was a few weeks ago. I really shouldn't draw while watching movies anyway, though. Well, at least, I should not limit myself to drawing while watching movies. Nothing really great can come of that.

I have been reminded this week that anyone who has not read a collection of cartoons by Chas Addams should rush right out and do so immediately.

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