Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Guns, Psychos, Romance, Etc.

10:50 p.m. / 22:50

I just recently breezed through Jennifer Crusie's new book, which was actually co-written with Bob Mayer, called Don't Look Down. It wasn't as good as Welcome to Temptation and Faking It, but it was good.

Lucy Armstrong and J.T. Wilder were good characters, but my favorites were a five year old girl named Pepper and an ever-present one-eyed mama alligator they called Moot (Moot was not a speaking character). Tyler (a.k.a the ghost) was interesting too, although he was nuts-- and absolutely not in a good way, more of a killing-people-for-fun way.

Lucy was a Kirsty MacColl fan. Now, this might not have a lot of meaning to you, but it was exciting to me, because I have only recently discovered Kirsty MacColl, and it appears that there are a whole lot of people who still have not. (I'm listening to The Best of Kirsty MacColl while I write this.)

The military parts of this book (Bob Mayer's contribution, I think) were okay until the end. The end was very tense and violent, and the book ended almost immediately after the last bad guy was beat. An epilogue or something like that would have been nice.


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