Sunday, April 30, 2006

Catholic School Memories And Other Shopping Woes

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I hate shopping for pants to wear to work. The "hottest styles" rarely look good on me, so it's hard to find a pair of pants that I actually like, that look good on me, and are not just plain and boring. In February I found a great pair of pants that I can wear to work at Kohl's. I went back today hoping to get a second pair in another color, and of course they didn't have any anymore. Well, they had few pairs, marked down even, but only one pair was not brown (the color I already have) and it was a size too small.

I grabbed a pair of olive Lee twills or whatever they're called. They're sort of a basic, almost-but-not-quite stylish stand-by sort of thing that Kohl's has had as long as I've needed pants for work in colors other than white (yes, at my first job, I had to wear white pants, of all things). I had been prepared to pay $25 - $30 for the pair of pants I wanted, but I didn't know how I felt about paying $25 for a pair of pants I only sort of kind of liked, that were exactly like a pair I already owned in khaki that, again, I only sort of kind of liked. Besides, they were olive and most of what I own that I would wear with olive is the same as what I would wear with my brown pants, so I wasn't sure this was really going to help my wardrobe problems. I wandered around the store vaguely intending to find a shirt that would go great with olive as a way to justify the olive pants I only sort of wanted in the first place. I found a couple of blouses I really liked, but they didn't really look that good with olive... what they'd look good with, I thought, was blue.

I tend to be drawn towards shirts that look good with blue jeans, even if I'm shopping for work, where I can't wear blue jeans. I remembered how my mom always suggested buying navy pants, because they look good with some of the same things that blue jeans look good with. I've always resisted navy pants, especially really ordinary navy pants. Why? Because I went to a Catholic school where I wore nothing but navy pants for four years. I could have worn plaid skirts, but when my mom stopped letting me wear shorts under them, I decided they were too much trouble and gave them up. Well, it's been eleven years now since I graduated 8th grade, and I decided it was time to get over this old annoyance. I bought a plain, boring pair of navy blue pants today. They're not exciting, but they do actually add variety to my work wardrobe, and my mom is right about a lot of my shirts looking good with them.

you know, a private school is supposed to be a better education, but you catholic school kids (or at least the ones i know) seem to all have issues and hang-ups leftover from your time there, and i don't think it's from the catholicism.
Dude, I hear ya...I still hate tucking in my shirt. It was a damn fine education, though.
Yeah, I gave up tucking in my shirt after 8th grade too. Tucking in my shirt just makes me look like an even bigger nerd. I pretty much gave up belts once I reached public high school, too.
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