Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I Laughed! I Cried! I'm Not Making This Up!

12:20 a.m. / 00:20

I don't usually hop on blogger and report on books the minute I finish them, but I couldn't wait this time. I just read Frindle by Andrew Clements, cover-to-cover, tonight, and I'm too wound up to go to sleep without getting this out of my system first.

If you love language and hilariously clever kids, then you absolutely must read Frindle. This is a children's book, barely over 100 pages, but it will tickle language arts geeks of any age. I think I have to call this one a must read!

When the initial thrill has worn off, I'll probably regret this confession, but I tell you honestly that I hugged the book when I finished it-- even though it's a library copy and it's got some kind of gunk stuck to the back. Booklover that I am, it is not every day that I actually hug a book.

Okay, go read Frindle.


OMG! you are a total freak. not that that bothers me; i just thought you should know.
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