Thursday, January 05, 2006

By the Way, I Do Have a Life

10:45 p.m. / 22:45

I'm going to neglect the details, but here I offer evidence that I do more than go to work, and then come home and read. I just like to talk about books a lot here because... well I can. No one has left a blank stare of disinterest as a comment yet. Anyway, here's a little bit of what I've been up to in the past few months.

October was an exciting month. I spent four days in Chicago with friends. I particularly love the Windy City, and having one of my best friends there makes visiting it all the better. At the end of the month, another best friend had her now-annual Halloween party. It's always fun to see my friends in costume. That same weekend, one of my really terrific co-workers invited a bunch of us out to her house for a bonfire. A piƱata ended up being one of the highlights of that event.

In December, I went to St. Louis with three good friends to see U2 in concert. I love U2. Seeing them live is an incredible experience. At Christmas... or technically, December 27th, I gathered with pretty much ALL of my good friends and celebrated. We all put together an excellent holiday meal, and there was a lot of generosity in the gift-giving.

Also right after Christmas, I started a new job. Well, sort of. I'm still working for the same library system, in the same type of position. Now, however, I'm working full-time at a branch library, rather than part-time at the main library downtown. I really, genuinely like my new co-workers, but I miss some of my old co-workers. I'm supposed to go out for pizza with my old co-workers next weekend. The best part about being full-time, is that I have insurance-- health, dental & life!

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