Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The End Is Always Bittersweet

12:30 a.m. / 00:30

I just finished another book. It's a classic by Betty Smith called A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. It's kind of sad, though, that it's over. That's always how the good ones are, of course. A good book can leave you a little sad, even if it has a good ending, just because it's the end. And so, it's bittersweet.

It was a rather good read. I spent at least a couple of weeks on it, but I would none the less call it a "page-turner". Actually, I read a little over half of it just the past two days, since I've gotten a cold. I plan to look into Betty Smith's other works, sometime in the future. I feel like I learned a few things from this book. I think I'll always remember Francie Nolan, and likely her family, too.


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