Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Wake Me Up

4:41 p.m. / 16:41

Sure, my eyes are open, and I'm sitting in front of my computer typing, but I swear I'm actually asleep. My days off have been this way lately, at least when I don't make plans ahead of time. I just sort of sleep-walk through the day in a state of permanant bordem. I read. I check my e-mail. Sometimes I literally fall asleep out of bordem. I think about doing laundry or walking the dog and I get sleepy. Actually, this sounds kind of like depression, but I swear I'm not depressed. I want to go do something, but I don't have much money until Friday, and my friends are busy.

I did get a phone call from a friend trying to entertain herself on a lay-over in Detroit on her way to England. That was nice. Otherwise, I've been hanging out with Merlin (cat).

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