Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Odd Appeal of a Labelmaker

1:37 a.m. / 01:37

Why are labelmakers so exciting? Is it just a geek thing, or do more normal, much less geeky people also find themselves in the office supply aisle at Target, nearly drooling and trying to think up an excuse to own a labelmaker? I know I'm not the only one!

Last Friday, I gave in a bought a DYMO LetraTag. It was on clearance! I couldn't help myself! I was just there to buy toothpaste, and a few other equally exciting items, but somehow I wound up in "seasonal", which is currently what remains of back-to-school items. (I'm not sure when labelmakers became major back-to-school supply, but I assume it is related to the maternal instinct to put a child's name on everything said child takes out of the house.)

So far, I've used it to make some address labels, but that's about it. I still have no idea what (if any) real, long-term benefits there are to owning a labelmaker, other than I will no longer be tempted to purchase one. Moreover, now there will be a new temptation: pretty colored tapes to use in my lablemaker. Really, the White Paper, White Plastic & Silver Plastic triple-pack of tape cassettes I bought with the labelmaker on Friday could last me my whole life, so there's no need to be buying any more.

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