Sunday, January 09, 2011

Introducing the Silly Lists Series

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I've recently been making lists of books in a previously abandoned notebook that's been sitting on my desk. It started with just making a sort of reminder list of some romance novels I thought I'd like to read once the holiday season passed and, along with it, my desire to read holiday fiction. Since then, though, I've gone on and started lists of fantasy books, children's & young adult, etc. that I'd like to read this year. I've even gone back and added to the romance list, figuring I'll probably want to read more later in the year.

These are very silly lists because I won't read even half of the books on them this year. There are probably already more books than I can actually read in 365 days on the lists and it is inevitable that I will find more books I really, really want to read as the year progresses. None the less, I would like to share my silly lists of books to read with you in series of blog posts. Feel free to laugh, both at my choices and at the notion that I could actually read so many books in one year.


maybe u should start buying the audibook versions so u can read while u drive :-)
I do get audiobooks from the library sometimes, mostly for re-reading.
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