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My reading obsession actually extends beyond working in a library and collecting books. Even my wardrobe reflects my bibliophilia. Let me show you what I mean with pictures of my book loving library girl garb. These are some of my favorite clothes; a few don't really fit anymore but I haven't felt like letting go of them yet. I wanted to link the pictures to where the items came from when possible, but that didn't work out this time. So, there are links at the bottom of the post. Some of these are't available anymore anyway. A warning about the second-to-last picture-- it might be TMI for some people but I think the world needs to know something so random and awesome exists.

I got this one for my birthday from a T-shirt loving friend, just in time to be included in this post.

This may very well be the one I've had the longest.

Don't tell HR.

I am!

Christmas present in 2006 from one of my uncles. It's a tad large, so I mostly wear it as a nightshirt.

Christmas present in 2007 from the same uncle. He came to the library with my father and insisted I open it at the reference desk. I'm not actually sure if I have a librarian voice.

Since this one is wordless, I'm occasionally tempted to try wearing this one to work, maybe on one of the days jeans are allowed.

Star Trek and reading?! *heart*

I've had this one since way before the movie and all that.

This shirt is just all around cool; cool message and cool design. There's nothing wrong with television, but we all need to turn it off and read sometimes.

Book Worm panties. I never thought I'd post a picture of my underwear on the internet, but who would believe these exist without a picture?

Another birthday gift from this year from a friend who's an expert yard sale shopper. It's really more of an accessory, I suppose, but I felt it must be included here.



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No, you do not have a librarian voice. And, seriously, underwear on the Internet? Were you drunk when you thought that was a good idea? lol More ammunition for me.
ROFL! I forgot about the bookworm undies! :P
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