Sunday, March 29, 2009


9:25 p.m. / 21:25

I know most people love silicone bakeware, but I've always been skeptical. It just seems like the type of thing that ten years from now we'll be reading is unhealthy. So when I received some silicone cupcake wrappers from my grandma tonight, I wasn't sure how to feel. Then I remembered reading
this earlier in the month. It's not exactly advocating for silicone bakeware, but it made me feel better about silicone all the way around. It doesn't sound horribly unsafe and as far as these cupcake wrappers go, I can actually save paper using them. I might still use paper sometimes if I'm taking cupcakes somewhere I'd be afraid to loose the silicone ones, but otherwise I'll probably keep using the silicone ones. Well, unless I find some horrible flaw in their function; I've already noticed the might be smaller than the paper ones I'm used to.

And now an unrelated, gratuitous Fizzgig picture, because I haven't posted one of him since he was tiny. He's almost 10 months old now; much bigger, but still growing!

one of my coworkers has some of these (actually i'm not sure if it's these or a silicone muffin pan) and she doesn't like. she said her cupcakes smell like rubber.
Upadate: I've decided I don't really like the silicone liners. If the cupcakes cool completely before they're eaten, then they stick really bad and cleaning them is a pain. I'm sticking to paper.
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