Thursday, September 18, 2008

100 Things (Part Nine)

9:15 a.m. / 09:15

85. I do most things at the last minute.
86. I enjoy having breakfast foods like scrambled eggs, pancakes, french toast, etc. for dinner.
87. Since I'm part Irish and have an Irish last name I consider it a right to be allowed to wear St. Patrick's Day shirts, etc. at any time of year without ridicule.
88. I sometimes daydream about training my cats to do some of the housework.
89. I'm kind of excited about the Chevy Volt.
90. I'm not really a dog person, but I get along alright with some individual dogs.
91. I have never been arrested.
92. I was once thrown out of a bar sober.
93. I have imagined staging a rain protest with waterproof signs and chanting of RAIN RAIN, GO AWAY! COME AGAIN SOME OTHER DAY!
94. I have taken part in real protests.
95. I wonder if I will start doing crossword puzzles when I reach middle age.
96. Words fascinate me.
97. I've had my hair cut for Locks of Love twice, but I haven't remembered to mail in the hair from the last time.
98. I'm not a big fan of glitter.
99. I keep a calculator in my purse. At one time it was a rather large calculator and people teased me.


# 93 sounds like fun. I'll join you.

And where's 100?? Another post, solely for it?
Although I am a big fan of glitter and not in middle age but a big fan of crossword puzzles (not that I can finish them much), I am a big fan of yours. A little embarrassed to admit I found you on Summize b/c I wanted to see if other folks were watching SATC the movie this weekend, but you are the only one of the scads that I decided to follow. We librarians have to stick together.

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