Saturday, August 30, 2008

My Little Terrorist

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In addition to my lovely Mabel, I now have Fizzgig who is about 2.5 months old. I took him to the veterinarian two weeks ago and found out he had ear mites, round worm and coccidia. They also said he might have ringworm. So, I took him home and quarantined him in the bathroom like I was told too. I went out and bought bleach to make bleach water to wash my hands with each time I handle him (something else I was told to do). The next day the vet called and told me he had giardia too. On Monday the ringworm culture turned positive. He's about done with all of his medicines for the parasites, but he has three more weeks of medicine for ringworm (it's a fungus) and he has to stay quarantined for about another week... which means another week of bleach water too. Tomorrow I have to give him a bath as part of his giardia treatment. I had expected the ear mites... the round worm wasn't too surprising, but I hadn't really expected the little guy to have four parasites and a fungus. I was holding him up at the vet and saying he's so cute and innocent looking, who'd have guessed? The vet said "Yeah, he's a little terrorist!". Since then he's also been referred to as a dirty bomb.

Fizzgig came with his name. I might have changed it, but it's a Jim Henson reference. I call him Fizz and Fizzy for short sometimes. In e-mails my dad has called him Fuzzbutt. My boyfriend just calls him Quarantine now.

Evil Ducky and I took pictures of him the night I got him, before I knew I needed to quarantine him.

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OMG he is so adorable. I very nearly forgot how cute kittens can be. Congrats on your new edition.
Fizzbanger (yes, I'm aware that's incorrrect) LOVES U2...
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