Friday, August 08, 2008

100 Things (Part Six)

8:50 a.m. / 08:50

56. Sometimes I draw, but not often enough.
57. I like giving gifts almost more than receiving gifts.
58. I like snail mail, unless it's bills or ads... and it usually is.
59. If I think for too long about the natural gas used by my furnace, water heater & stove, I get really freaked out.
60. When I was 19, I had my ears pierced for my mom's birthday.
61. I cannot pick a favorite author or rank authors I like, but if you tried to get me to, you would probably hear some of these names (among others): Haven Kimmel, Jennifer Weiner, Maeve Binchy, Nick Hornby, Sarah Addison Allen
62. I used to argue with my kindergarten teacher, which was totally inappropriate, but she sure could piss me off.
63. I have a bicycle, but I haven't ridden it in years.
64. I sort of vaguely collect bottle caps (inspired by Bert on Sesame Street) and stamps (inspired by my cousin and mother).
65. I like fairly big earrings, but usually not gaudy ones. Yes, there is a difference.


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