Monday, July 21, 2008

100 Things (Part Five)

10:40 p.m. / 22:40

36. When I was a little kid, I loved the Beatles even though I knew almost nothing about them.
37. The only thing I ever really miss about church is the music. I've always loved that people are supposed to sing in church, never mind actual singing ability.
38. When I get mad at the boys at work I throw paperback romances at them.
39. I hate cherry-flavored anything except for Cherry Coke, Cherry 7UP, Code Red Mountain Dew... and probably a couple of other partially cherry soft drinks, like probably Cherry Ski.
40. I do not want a Smart Car.
41. I have a three dimensional smiley face bank that I save pennies in.
42. My last semester of college I attended the Midwest Model United Nations conference in St. Louis and it ROCKED.
43. I'm almost incapable of putting something recyclable in a trash can.
44. My younger brother is a mechanic and that works out to be awesome for me.
45. As a small child, my favorite television show was Sesame Street, I think, but if not then it was Smurfs.
46. I love visiting Chicago.
47. Charles Addams just might be my favorite cartoonist.
48. My computer monitor sits on a really old atlas.
49. I have parents who are as cool as can be expected.
50. I have super-excellent friends.
51. I've never been west of St. Louis, but I've seen the Gulf of Mexico, Lake Michigan, Lake Erie and I've been to Washington D. C. several times.
52. I think diamonds are overrated.
53. I never eat all of the bananas I buy unless I bake them into bread.
54. I'm almost half Irish and half German, but there's a little Cherokee worked in on the Irish side.
55. I went to the high school with the worst reputation in the school system and loved every year of it.


Rainn Wilson (of The Office and Juno) also loved Model United Nations conferences. So if you ever meet him, you'll have something to talk about!
Depending on who you talked to, my h.s. had a bad rep, a friend of mine went to different high school in our district as a result. But I adored it.
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