Saturday, May 10, 2008

Excruciating Detail

12:35 a.m. / 00:35

My Vacation Day with no plans, no car and no sun.

Woke up before 7:00 and tried for an hour to go back to sleep.
Finally got up and fed Mabel, then checked my e-mail.
Sat at computer with cat on lap with nothing really to do at the computer.
Ate corn flakes and watched the rest of Bridget Jones Diary (began last night).
Wondered under what circumstances I'd run out in the snow in my underwear.
Adorable kitty became menace-- chewed on mouse cord, rug and my foot.
Decided to crawl back into bed.
Napped with sweet Mabel and dreamed I had some sort of Macintosh laptop.
Argued with the cat again over cord & foot chewing; offended cat relocated to living room.
Munched on chips 'n dip; decided I NEEDED, not wanted, macaroni & cheese.
Ate white cheddar & whole wheat pasta shells with salsa mixed in.
Watched Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason.
Decided however I was going to get my car back later, I'd probably want to not be in pj's.
Scooped nasty (duh) litter box.
Took shower & dressed. At last.
Brother called to say I could pick up the car whenever.
Started wondering who to pester to take me to get my car.
Read for awhile.
Mabel started pleading for her dinner.
Recognized I'd hit true boredom for the first time all day.
Sat down at computer to attempt entertaining myself.
Gave in to Mabel's demands for food; returned to computer.
Went out to check mail; no mail, but did find uprooted plant.
Got call from
EvilDucky; she offered to take me to get my car.
Began wondering in earnest about possible over-use, or at least boring use, of Twitter.
Went to get my car, came home.
Forced myself to sign out of Twitter.
Messed around on the computer for extended period of time while eating dinner.
Decided to go get ice cream.
Changed plans and decided to go to Barnes & Noble, Best Buy and then get ice cream.
Made unnecessary purchases.
Got invited to Starbucks by Teacher Incognito &
EvilDucky before I got ice cream.
Went to Starbucks and had a caramel frappi-thingy instead of ice cream.
Came home & signed into Twitter.
Put new Barenaked Ladies live album into computer; should have used CD player.
Moved Barenaked Ladies to CD player (sound quality issue) after importing it to iTunes.
Put Just Like Heaven in the DVD player, but only half-watched.
Played around with iTunes.
Drank hot chocolate and watched the rest of Just Like Heaven.
Went to bed.

Wow - what a day! Better rest up from that vacation before you return to work on Monday!
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