Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Nature Of City Living

9:20 a.m. / 09:20

I am primarily a city girl. I enjoy getting out in woods from time to time, I had a great grandfather who farmed, my mother is sort of a country-city hybrid, but ultimately I'm pretty much a city girl. (Even if I do live in a city where everyone shops at Rural King and there's a corn field behind that one Taco Bell.)

Yesterday's We the Robots comic reminded me of something that's been on my mind off and on as I try to gain control of my new yard that came with my new house. If you live in a city, or probably any town, hamlet, whatnot you know that the city, town, hamlet, whatnot will fine your ass if you let your yard get overgrown. So you must conquer nature. Once you've conquered nature, though, you'll find that things are looking somewhat ugly. So then you have to re-create nature by planting pretty flowers and a few nice bushes. I'm not down on gardening or anything, it's just that it all seems kind of ironic at times. This whole cycle of thought is born out of the fact that so far, I'm managing to keep things under control in my yard so that my neighbors don't call the city on me, but I haven't found the time to really plant anything, really make the yard look nice, not sort of pillaged. I have several days off coming up, so if the weather is on my side maybe I'll have something in the ground by this time next week.

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