Monday, February 11, 2008

Merlin, Velocibadgergirl & I

6:50 p.m. / 18:50

This is a slightly edited (mostly for privacy) conversation I had via IM with velocibadgergirl about one of my family's cats.

me: Merlin is doing things that might not be appropriate to my chest.
velocibadgergirl: oh my
me: I hope he'll at least tell me if he detcets any lumps.
velocibadgergirl: dear God
doens't that hurt?

me: kind of
me: I don't know why but if I let him sprawl across my lap here at the computer, he has to knead something the whole time.
velocibadgergirl: heh
maybe the hum of the CPU makes him think of purring?

me: He's a bit pissy just now because he nearly slipped between my legs/.
velocibadgergirl: oh, this just gets dirtier
me: cat tail on keybord
velocibadgergirl: hee!
me: heavy cat ass on arm
velocibadgergirl: LOL
me: I tried to get him to sit with Dad, but he auyjh tttttt
velocibadgergirl: ROFL
Merlin says, "Now I TYPE, pinky! Move over!
either that or you had a seizure
me: hrx Yes; yes he does.
velocibadgergirl: hai velocibadgergirl its merlin plz feed me but don com ovr cuz u r scary* okthxbai

*Merlin is scared of anyone who is not my mom, my dad, my brother or me. He also loves food very, very much.


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