Wednesday, February 27, 2008


6:30 p.m. / 18:30

I have a little bit of everything on my mind tonight. This means that instead of thinking my blog posts have been really short and lame as of late, you need to count your lucky stars I'm at work and shouldn't be doing this at all and there for must keep it breif-ish.

So, updates: I have moved into my house and I now have a tabby cat named Mabel. What I do not have yet is internet service. I'm enjoying being able to park my car in my garage when the weather is unpleasant. It could only be better if the garage was attached. Thinking just now though, I don't know that I've ever really liked a house that had an attached garage, so I may never have an attached garage.

Work has been interesting lately. I've been wanting to write some heavily library-related posts, but haven't been able to due to lack of internet access. These posts might not ever happen anyway, since normally I compose these in my head at work and mostly forget about them later. If I ever do get around to it, they'll either be astoundingly good and interesting, or the most boring crap you've ever read. That's what I'm predicting, anyway.

I am keeping track of what I'm reading while not posting, so I'll get around to that eventually. Yes, even though it's pretty clear no one cares what I'm reading. Actually, I've been watching more movies than reading for the past week and a half. Mabel is not a great reading companion so far; she's too active. So, in an effort to spend time with her while I'm home I've been watching movies.

Has anyone else noticed that the seasons seem to be shifting? Winter is January - March now, it seems, and so on.


Well, technically winter starts at the ass-end of December and ends at the ass-end of March...but I'm convinced the weather is FUBAR anyways.

And yay for the spastic kitty.
Is Mabel picky about what movies she likes to watch, or do you get to decide?
a solution to the attached garage issue: subterranian tunnel.
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