Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Wonderful End To Wonderful Trilogy

12:29 p.m. / 12:29

This morning I woke up and finished reading The Used World by Haven Kimmel. It's the final book in a loosely-tied trilogy, all of which take place in fictional Hopwood County, Indiana. As of yesterday morning, I was enjoying the book, but not really anymore than any other book. By early afternoon, I was completely in it's grip. I think the first book, The Solace of Leaving Early remains my favorite of the three, but this last one has taken the position of second-favorite. This is not to say that the middle book, Something Rising (Light and Swift) isn't good. That would be quite false. I very much recommend reading The Used World, all about Hazel, Claudia and Rebekah-- three oddball Hoosiers who run Hazel Hunicutt's Used World Emporium. What I recommend so much more than that, though, is (if you have not already) to go back and read The Solace of Leaving Early and then Something Rising (Light and Swift). Each book is perfectly capable of standing alone, but I think reading the trilogy in order adds bonus goodness.


Ooh! I'm definitely going to have to read this soon...I didn't get around to it when I had it from the library before.
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