Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Water Bottles

10:02 p.m. / 22:02

So I first heard about these bottles on... hmm... probably Treehugger, but now that I think about I don't think I can be certain. I saw an ad for them on the back of a magazine at work today and decided to visit their website. I have not purchased one and I don't know if I will, in part due to price, but they are supposed to be an alternative to the usual water bottles like myself and most of my friends use if you're concerned about the leaching issue that is frequently written about 'round the web. Ah, yes... you need a link: http://wwwmysigg.com Because, I mean, that was the whole point; I wanted to point these out to you in case you were concerned about chemicals leaching out of your plastic water bottles.

I'm strangely tired tonight, so I hope the above made some sense. There are many things I ought to blog about like why I'm not actually living in my house yet, when I will be living in my house and My First Tree Limb or My First Power Outage.

For those trying to figure out the earth worm issue from the previous post, I feel the need to say that since I didn't fish the thing out for a close examination, I can really only be mostly sure, but it really looked like an earth worm more than it looked like anything else.

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