Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Many Things

10:26 a.m. / 10:26

So many distractions!

Still in the process of buying the house. Today I feel like I will never actually live in the house, I will just always and forever be in the process of buying the house. I have to sign yet another paper today. I have to make an appointment for loan counseling or some such. I still need homeowners' insurance.

I had to get up and get dressed for a meeting this morning, but I'm back home now. I'm closing at my branch tonight, so I'm not due in for a few more hours. This is kind of annoying. They gave me free books as the meeting, though. I got some advance copies of books that were published in the summer. Advance copies are weird; they already have advance praise quotes on them. Are these some sort of 2nd advance copies or did the quoted peoples read unbound manuscripts?Also... how "uncorrected" are they? One of the ones that I took, I've already read and loved very much. I was planning to buy a copy eventually. Should I still buy a copy so I'll have the uncorrected advance copy and the actual copy?

I'm in a pissy mood for no good reason today. Library patrons: approach me with caution!

They tell me Christmas is less than two weeks away. Can we put this off until next month?

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