Friday, December 14, 2007

Home Buying, Continued

12:25 p.m. / 12:25

I just finished my Home Buyer Education-- in pajamas. I didn't quite make it into the shower as early as I'd hoped to, but it was a telephone meeting, so the very patient guy who spent a half hour asking me questions about budgeting, house hunting, and protecting your investment (house) and stuff had no idea was sitting in the kitchen wearing flannel pajamas and drinking a mug of tea. Anyway, now that that is over with, I think I have two main hurdles to clear before I actually move. One is homeowners' insurance, which is oh-so-important, but I keep putting it off for some reason, and the other is closing day... whenever that may be. Well, it'll be before January; I know that much. I was talking to my grandma last night and I told her "I just keep thinking, 'When does the fun part start?' ". She said "It's never fun". Thanks, Grandma.


i think the fun part is probably after your done with moving in and you can invite people over and be like "look how cute is, and it's all mine!"
I bet once you get the keys and you start getting to decide where to put stuff, you'll start having fun.

I also bet the first night you're sitting on the couch in your VERY OWN living room watching whatever you want on TV with YOUR OWN KITTY CAT beside you, you'll definitely agree that it was all worth it. :D
just think about this, even with worksheets and phone meetings, at least you didn't have to take a 6 week class like some other first-time homebuyer programs.
Oh, well, I can see where it might have sounded like I was complaining specifically about the home buyer education, but not really. It wasn't so bad.
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