Sunday, October 07, 2007

Work Woes Continued

8:45 p.m. / 20:45

In truth, my actual job is just fine. I finally finished with circulation and I'm beginning to settle into my job in reference. I like it so far.

It is the extracurricular parts of my job that are getting me down. This whole committee thing... the reason it's been getting me down is that I feel that since I am more or less the most young / inexperienced / lowest-ranking or whatever member of the committee, I have great potential as a scapegoat, should anything go wrong. So, it's really freaking me out that the caterer didn't bother to respond to my e-mail with the lunch order. It's also freaking me out that I will have to be alone with the guest speaker long enough to drive her to the airport. I'll be in a van I've never driven. What if I get nervous and drive badly? At least it'll be after she's spoken, of course, so maybe that will make it easier to talk to her.

Tonight I am attempting to write a blog post for a work-related blog. (I can't give you the address; I think you'll understand.) It isn't going well. Most of the other contributors aren't exactly writing award-winning pieces, but I also feel like I have to write something decent if my name is going to be on it for all of my co-workers (at least those paying attention) to see. I'm trying to think of it like writing for school; I wrote much better book reviews back when they were being graded. Tonight's post, if I succeed, will be my first contribution, even though I signed up for a user ID a month ago at least. I'm attempting to share the joys that are 84 Charing Cross Road by Helene Hanff and 84 Charing Cross Road starring Anne Bancroft and Anthony Hopkins. And having said that, I should get back to work.


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