Friday, October 19, 2007

Road Work, Vaccinations & Cocktail Umbrellas

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I need to go to bed, but before I do, some random stuff:

Where I live, before they do major, annoying, long-term road construction they put up nice metal signs, just like any other street sign, saying they will be doing road construction, and isn't this great because the roads will be better and they're creating jobs by doing it! Do they try this trick where you live?

There was an article in the newspaper today talking (not for the first time) about parents opting to not have their children vaccinated before they start kindergarten. I understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and that aside from abuse and / or neglect, people can pretty much raise their children however they want to, but I just cannot help thinking it's really a bit crazy to refuse to have your child vaccinated. Do they not understand that vaccinations are why most kids today only know about polio because they learn in school (I hope) that that is why President Franklin Roosevelt was in a wheel chair? And polio is just one of many such nasties from the past we don't really want to revisit.

Tonight I decorated a cake (made with a chocolate cake mix, mixed with a can of pumpkin and liberal amounts of chocolate chips and Irish cream thrown in) with green icing, florescent plastic dinosaurs and cocktail umbrellas. Maybe I'll post a picture some day.

you really need to stop telling me about cake that i'm not going to get to eat. it's just mean.
Yeah, that cake sounds really I want cake!

I suppose I can always make my own this weekend...
They need to stop making vaccines with mercury in them. Apparently it could be contributing to the high rates of autism.

So, um, I'm coming over for cake now!
Evilducky, I believe a very credible British study (perhaps even several of them) disproved the autism-vaccine link some time ago and the US media is just slow on the uptake.

Cake is yummy, though!
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