Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Just Another Reason My Boss Rocks

10:00 p.m. / 22:00

One of the only hard parts of my job change is that I had a really nice boss, even though I was kind of tired of my job and making very little money. I was lucky, though, in that I was promoted to a readers' advisor position at the same branch where I already worked, so I already knew my new boss, the branch manager, quite well since she was already kind of my boss and she's really nice too. (Plus, I still see my old boss every day.)

Anyway, this is about my new boss, and what she did for all of us who work at the branch. At our branch, people are always bringing in food to share-- for birthdays, holidays or just because. I brought in food when I got my first bigger paycheck after being promoted. Today, my boss brought in nuts, heart-healthy muffins and fruit. There was a note that said "Help Yourself!" and went on to explain that:

Her note was actually funnier than my description of it. We all thought it was great. When is Boss' Day?


i simultaniously find it kinda cute and quite weird that each item was representative.
Thats cool. I think boss's day is soon but I'm not sure when. . .
Clever boss = good. Make that very good.
Boss Day is Tuesday, 10/16/07.
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