Sunday, September 09, 2007

Fine Line Between Being Excited And Being Nervous

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I am so excited! I am so freaking nervous. Remember when I said "Normally, I love covering the reference desk. I need the practice, since I hope eventually I'll work there all the time"? Okay, probably not, but I did say that in my July 9th post. Well, the thing is, I will be working at the reference desk all of the time. I've been promoted! Tomorrow morning I'm officially a readers' advisor. I'll still be working as a circulation clerk some, if not a lot, for a little while though, until they fill the spot I'm leaving. But I get the higher salary no matter what I'm doing so, that won't bother me too much.

I have a lot to learn. For the most part I'm looking forward to learning it all, but I'm also a little nervous. Oddly, I haven't required this much training since I got my first job at an ice cream shop. I started as shelver with the library, and honestly, that's just an easy job. Then, I learned extra stuff slowly over time so that when I was promoted to part-time clerk, I didn't really need any new training. Next, I transferred to a full-time spot at a branch so again I needed very little training; I just had to learn some things specific to that location. So while I know I'm going to be good at this new job, I hope I don't mess up a bunch at first and make everyone think it was a mistake to promote me.


Congratulations! I think readers' advisory is a cool job (I applied to do it myself right out of library school but backed out because of the commute).

I'm sure you'll be great at it!
Congratulations! Hey is there an echo in here?

You seem passionate about the new job, and that's bound to have a strong positive effect. My never-wrong inner clueless psychic says you'll excel.

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