Friday, August 03, 2007


1:00 a.m. / 01:00

This is the post that just wouldn't happen! Even now it's going to be much shorter than originally intended.

Anyway, I had a great 26th birthday and even a relatively okay time at the BMV renewing my driver's license.

Thank you to everyone who was at dinner Wednesday evening. Also, thank you to everyone who left a happy birthday message in the comments on my last lame post.

Nearly all of my birthday presents were one of three things: Barnes & Noble gift cards, earrings or shoes. People know me too well. I suppose that's a good thing when it comes to birthday presents.


I'm having some issues with blogger, so if this post looks weird, that's why. If it looks just like all the others, I've been able to fix it and all is well.

Wow this looks different!

Compared to the other day that is.
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