Monday, July 09, 2007

Weird Monday

9:10 p.m. / 21:10

Not too long ago, I wrote about my frustrations with Mondays, so I've been trying to enjoy the relative lightness of today, but I suffered heavy guilt much of the day. Today was not a very pleasant day at my library. It might have been the worst Monday I've seen there. The thing is, I was spared most of it.

When I'd been there an hour and a half, and already failing to work at a proper frantic Monday pace, I was asked to cover the reference desk because they were short-handed, and the one person who'd been working it had a children's program scheduled. Well, we were short-handed on my end of the building too, so I didn't really want to do it, but I pretty much had too. Normally, I love covering the reference desk. I need the practice, since I hope eventually I'll work there all the time. Anyway, not only did I have to stop doing the work I felt I really should have been doing for half an hour, I basically wasn't doing any work at all. Since I'm not actually a readers' advisor, I don't have any busy work to do at the reference desk. If nothing requires my immediate attention, I check my e-mail and read blogs while I sit there. Today, that's how the entire half-hour went. While my co-workers toiled, I read e-mail and checked in with j-dog, velocibadgergirl, danger and radioactive jam.

Then came the afternoon. I had a meeting to attend downtown at the main library at 3:00, and it's understood that when I go to these meetings, since they're in the late afternoon, I won't be driving back to my library, since I'm already more than half way home at the main library. So, from 3:00 - 5:30, when I should have been at my branch, I was first, in a meeting of questionable importance... well, it's important, it just didn't feel like it today, then second visiting with downtown co-workers, and 3rd, back in front of a computer checking blogs again, only this time at home. Actually, I left my branch library at 2:30 to make sure I was downtown on time, so basically I was gone for the last three hours of my normal work day.

The meeting posed a second problem; I was distracted by it all day until it actually happened. I wasn't sure if the committee was going to be happy with what I'd been working on between meetings, but that all turned out fine.

Between the worry and the guilt and everything else, I completely forgot it's my anniversary... my library anniversary, that is. It's something I'm usually a little bit obsessed about, but I nearly forgot today. I started as a part-time bookshelver at the main library on Monday, July 9, 2001. I've been in the system for six years now. I've changed positions twice and buildings once, seen quite a few people come and go... You know what? I'm going to stop here before I start getting nostalgic and philosophical all at the same time, trying to figure out what it all means, and when my college job became something slightly more like a career. So, that's it. Today, was bad, but not so much for me and hurray or something for six years of library work!


. . .
No, I'm thinking "hurray" works better.

Hurray! And happy library anniversary.

Also I'm pretty sure there are statistical data showing benefits derived from setting aside actual work and visiting blogs instead. And if there aren't, I'm willing to work on that project.

Provided it's adequately funded.
You stop yourself from rambling now? Isn't this supposed to be the outlet for rambling? Aren't you going to live up to the motto I gave you?
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