Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Dangers Of Dinosaurs

10:22 a.m. / 10:22

Potentially alarming overheard statement: "Because it has dinosaurs, and they'll probably tell you they're older than they really are."

I missed what came before this, but I'm pretty sure it was an explanation given to a child as to why he couldn't check out the book he wanted.


That IS really scary. But what, "They're in their mid 40s, going through a mid-life crisis that causes them to be really violent, and like, bite other dinos. Or accuse them of having weapons of mass destruction."
I'm guessing a "young-earth" mindset trying to exclude opposing views.
Yes, Mr. Jam, that is exactly what I got out of it too.
*climbs onto tiny virtual soapbox*

Seems like one's view of origins - and by extension in this instance, one's belief in a creator - ought to be able to withstand scrutiny and comparison, and measure up to "opposing" views. If not, maybe one should consider re-evaluating one's beliefs.

*steps back down*

Maybe I infer too much about this particular instance, I don't know.
*applause for Radioactive Jam's speech*
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