Sunday, June 17, 2007

Summer Reading, Oh Yeah!

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If you know you live in my county, then get thee to a library and sign up for summer reading. If you don't live in my county, get thee to a library and ask if they have a summer reading program. If you're a reader, why not take a chance at winning something while you're doing what you'd be doing anyway? I've signed up for the staff program, which has lesser prizes, but hey, that's how it goes. Like everyone doing the adult summer reading program, all I have to do is read five books by July 23rd. I've already read three!

I started with No Way to Treat a First Lady by Christopher Buckley. Have you ever wondered what the trial would be like if the First Lady assassinated the President for having an affair? Relatively funny, according to this novel, in which First Lady Beth MacMann is accused of killing her husband with an original Paul Revere spittoon, after he had sex with actress Babette VanAnka in the Lincoln Bedroom. It only gets better when Mrs. MacMann hires Boyce "Shameless" Baylor, a famous trial lawyer, and also the man she dumped back in law school, handle her case.

Around the same time I finally read Haven Kimmel's second novel, Something Rising (Light and Swift). I do not love it quite as I love The Solace of Leaving Early, but it is very well written and I can't believe I waited this long to read it. Cassie is a complicated main character, and that is always interesting. As with Solace, Something Rising gave me a bit of a thrill just for taking place in Indiana.

For the first time ever, I read a Nora Roberts novel. I read Sanctuary, one of two titles in particular that
rabidmonkey recommended quite some time ago. It wasn't half-bad. It was about 30% family drama, 30% mystery / thriller and 40% romance. I had a little trouble getting into it, but once I did, it held my attention al the way to the end.


I agree with you completely about Haven Kimmel's novels. They were both good, but The Solace of Leaving Early was better. And having spent all of my life until recently in Indiana, I got that same thrill of seeing my home state depicted so accurately.
Hey! Nice color change!
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Uh... Thanks... But what color change?
so, now you know i wasn't laughing at you the other day.

i didn't see a color change either, but was thinking i was just being oblivious.
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