Sunday, June 24, 2007

Monday Morning

11:58 / 23:58

I've spent the majority of the weekend enjoying a peaceful happiness. I don't know exactly where it came from, but whatever, it's been lovely. I hate to be a pessimist, but I anticipate returning to a more normal mood (although hopefully not a bad mood) when my alarm clock alerts me that it's time to get up and endure another Monday at the library. There are things to like about my job, but Mondays are not one of them. Mondays, as I'm sure you'll agree have never really been pleasant, but when I transferred to a branch library that is closed on Sundays, creating a backlog for Mondays, they got worse. A few weeks ago, I was excited because I'd switched with someone and gotten the later shift on a Monday. On a normal Monday, that would mean coming in after things have settled down. No, oh, no, it couldn't be that way that Monday. That Monday we all worked like slaves all day long, and never did catch up. Anyway, I'm not really sure what my point is here... I wanted to talk about being in a good mood... having a good weekend without boring you with the details, and somehow it ended up a Monday work rant. Welcome to my mind, I guess.


I'm really glad you had a nice weekend :D (Though I still say you're a pool tease!)
I had a really good weekend too! Best weekend in a long time, actually.

I predict you will survive Monday and even kinda-sorta like it.

Though my predictions are almost always wrong...
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