Tuesday, April 03, 2007


11:45 p.m. / 23:45

And now for something completely embarrassing! Isn't it great that I have the internet to help me with my bizarre need to share the stupid things I sometimes do? Anyway, this afternoon, while wrapping an excessive number of rubber bands around some CDs on hold for one of my co-workers, I shot myself in the eye with one of the rubber bands, at rather close-range. I suppose it was karma or something like that since I was doing something "not nice" when it happened, but as far as I know that particular co-worker has never hurt himself doing any of the "not nice" things he's done to me. If you've never been shot in the eye with a rubber band, let me assure you that it really hurts. I can't believe it didn't leave a mark or anything. It was, however, pretty funny after the pain subsided. I remember saying at one point that I couldn't tell if I was laughing or crying and one of the shelvers said it looked like maybe I was doing both. Later I had this conversation with a co-worker who'd been out of the building when it happened:

Me: Hey, do you want hear something that'll cheer you up?

Co-Worker: *frowns* Will it really cheer me up?

Me: I think so.

Co-Worker: Okay

Me: This afternoon, I shot myself in the eye with a rubber band.

Co-Worker: *smiles* That did cheer me up!


congratulations! i hereby declare that you have had a 'good blogging day.' i was ammused repeatedly.
BAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! But I'm glad your eye is okay.
Hilarious. . .but yeah, ouch.
What were you doing that was not nice? Bad things happen when you act in opposition to you alignment, Miss Neutral Good.
I was wrapping an excessive number of rubber bands around some CDs on hold, remember? And I think my real-life alignment is a little more flexible.
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