Thursday, March 29, 2007

Cheap Stuff

10:25 a.m. / 10:25

I thought since
Velocibadgergirl named me as one of the two people she went to Goodwill with last Friday, maybe I ought to show what I got.

All for less than $20.00! Unfortunately, though, I have discovered that the green sweater has a small but very troublesome hole in one arm, and a button on the pretty striped blouse was damaged in the wash, meaning I will now have to go on a quest for a new set of buttons, which will probably cost more than the blouse. The CD, in case you're curious and can't tell, is Apollo 18 by They Might Be Giants.

Since I'm already on the subject of cheap stuff, I'll add that I got the library's old, but complete, VHS set of Twin Peaks for just $1.00 per tape. That's even cheaper than Goodwill! I do work for the library, but this was pure luck. I just happened to be browsing in the "book nook" at the main library downtown when I was there for a public event.

Wow. Twin Peaks. I haven't thought about that show in a while. Now I probably won't be able to STOP thinking about it.

Even worse, I don't think I watched all the episodes. Which means "rental time." Actually that might not be worse, not technically. Thanks!
Just a heads-up, they haven't released all of it on DVD yet.
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