Monday, February 19, 2007

Giddy Again

12:50 a.m. / 00:50

I just finished re-reading Sammy's Hill by Kristin Gore about an hour ago. I still love it. Sammy is so awesome. There are notable differences between Sammy and myself (I'm much less motivated and I don't share her hypochondria), but I really identify with her in a lot of ways. She's extremely intelligent and capable, but she makes oddball mistakes sometimes, like showing up to work with a sandal on one foot and a red sneaker on the other foot. A lot of times this happens because her mind has wandered off to think about something only Sammy would be thinking about, like turning Pluto into a ski resort.

When I read Sammy's Hill I dream of working on Capitol Hill, helping to bring about change. Then again, reading John Grisham novels always makes me want to be a lawyer (which is kind of odd when you consider the scrapes his lawyer-characters get into) and I know that me a a lawyer is very unrealistic, so maybe me working on Capitol Hill, even in a low position is unrealistic too. I wonder, does the Library of Congress need clerks, or better yet, some variety of paraprofessional? At least then I'd be near the action. But now I'm way off subject!

So, Sammy's Hill is a kick-ass combination of politics and romance with many laugh-out-loud moments. I really, truly hope that Kristin Gore will write another novel someday. I know she does some writing for television and I think I heard that she worked on An Inconvenient Truth with her father, so she's probably a pretty busy person, but I am none the less waiting impatiently for her next book (please let there be one!).


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