Sunday, January 14, 2007

When Rock Stars Get Married, Who Plays The Reception?

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Have you ever thought about that? It seems to me that if I was in a band, I'd probably want my band to play at my wedding reception.* But that seems problematic. Would the band play without me? Would I abandon my brand new husband to go play with the band? Would I take the stage for just one song, dedicated to said new husband? Would I know lots of other bands and get one of them to play instead? What if I married someone who was also in a band? Would both bands play? Would we sing a newly-wed duet? Maybe we'd have a rock opera type wedding and sing our vows. We'd have lighting techies instead of ushers! Cigarette lighters would be passed out before the ceremony for emotional hands-in-the-air swaying to the music!

Wow, the possibilities are endless, really.

*Just so there's no confusion, I am definitely not in a band and I am definitely not getting married any time soon.

Hmm...that's a good question! I'd guess they have lots of friends in other bands to play for them. But who knows?
Regardless of the facts that you are not involved and not in a band, I feel that you should do the lighter thing anyways. That's a highly original idea, even with out singing. Just have some kick-ass music playing during the vows or something...
it only works if you're the singer, because you can make them play a lot of instrumental numbers. that is, unless you like your bandmates and would care to let them relax and enjoy your reception. then your screwed.

or, you could pre-record your band(s) playing music for the reception, and just play the cds.

also, sung vows = scary, but lighters = hilarious.
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