Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Weird & Embarrassing

10:45 p.m. / 22:45

A series of small events led me to declare I was so, so getting my new tires today. This was pretty easy, actually, since there's a tire shop in walking distance of my workplace. I called them at noon and asked if I could bring the car over that hour, and pick it up just after 5:00 and they said sure. The tire shop guy came outside with me to see what kind of tires I had on the car. Well, one of the tires was flat. And I didn't know it before then. Really flat. It was kind of embarrassing. That same tire was flat a month ago, and it was really obvious; I didn't even make it a block away from my house before I'd pulled over and called my brother for assistance. So, it's weird I didn't know about it. I have to say though, a tire shop is a pretty awesome place to discover you have a flat tire.

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