Friday, January 05, 2007

Happy New Year... Late

12:50 a.m. / 12:50

I've realized I've been MIA since the beginning of the new year. I've been on a major reading binge that started while I was sick on New Year's (yeah, I had a record-breaking lame New Year's). The reading binge will probably continue for a few more days since the problem is I've begun reading a series I can't seem to stop reading. After that, I owe my friend stuck in Iraq a lengthy letter and I might just try to write some other people some meaningful e-mails before I make it back here to try and say something interesting.

In the mean time, you can check out what was supposed to be my Top Five Books of 2006. Out of all of the books I read last year, I came up with a list of eleven books. I could probably cut some of them from the list, but when I realized I didn't have the heart to cut it down to five, I figured I might as well keep all eleven. So, here is my Top Eleven Books of 2006:

Austen, Jane
Pride and Prejudice

Clements, Andrew

Gaiman, Neil
Anansi Boys

Hiaasen, Carl
Sick Puppy

Hidier, Tanuja Desai
Born Confused

Hornby, Nick
High Fidelity

Koja, Kathe
Buddha Boy

Moore, Christopher
Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal

Powell, Julie
Julie & Julia

Waldman, Ayelet
Daughter's Keeper
Love and Other Impossible Pursuits


Have you read American Gods yet? You definitely should, since you liked Anansi Boys. :D
No, I haven't read it yet. *is ashamed*

Ironicly, if you looke at my bookshelf, it looks like I've read American Gods but not Anansi Boys, since my copy of A.G. was purchased used (for .50!), and my copy of A.B. was purchased new quite some time after I read a library copy.
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