Monday, January 29, 2007

Gawked-At Decks

9:15 p.m. / 21:15

These four decks of cards aren't necessarily people's favorites, especially when I comes to actually playing a game. However, when I open the box my card collection resides in and ask a friend to pick a deck so we can play one or more of these decks is always among the first noticed and examined.

Difficult To Play With, Long, Designer Playing Cards

This is yet another deck of cards I'm sure I payed too much for, but I just could not resist at the time. I'd never seen anything like them before. I'm pretty sure I bought them at Bed Bath & Beyond, although I've seen them other places since then. I'm also pretty sure that I actually played solitaire with them at least once. I'm not sure what to call that shape... band-aid? Pill?

Extra-Nifty Clear Playing Cards

This is actually one of my favorite decks. They too were over-priced, but I like them enough that I don't really care that they were over-priced... I have no lingering guilt when I comes to this set. They're from Books-A-Million, which is actually a pretty good source for un-average playing cards.

If The-Long-Deck-And-The-Clear-Deck-Mated Playing Cards

I really never expected to find another deck even remotely like the two above... and yet, here is there child, it would appear. See the parts of the photo that look blurry? They're not. That's actually what they looked like layed out on the floor.

Stretched Rectangle Playing Cards

Not a lot to say about this deck, actually. It just goes with the others, in terms of shape and being frequently commented upon.


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