Wednesday, October 18, 2006

This Isn't Right

6:00 p.m. / 18:00

It really angers me that I have to drive to restaurants in walking distance of my workplace, just because the roads in the area are too big and too busy for walking. Well, I've seen people out there walking; people who don't have cars or can't drive. It looks miserable, though. I know they probably have to wait as long or longer than those of us in cars to cross the streets. So, I don't really think it's practical for me to walk anywhere on my lunch hour, except sometimes to the grocery store two lots down the street. I should be able to, though. Do you know how long I sit at lights, spewing pollution during these outings? Way too long. Sometimes I almost feel guilty for eating out because of it.

i once had to abandon my meal unfinished at the sub place over by walmart because i was running out of lunch hour, and that was before opening when it really was an hour. at a half hour i'm afraid to get anything more substantial than a bagel at panera, although that leaves me with extra time, but not enough to wait for hot food there. so i just bring my lunch from home.
You might have missed my point, but I'm not sure...
You could just have pizza delivered.
well, i know it bothers you that by driving you are polluting, correct? but what i'm saying is, "yes, you are correct. working in a high traffic intersection of two major streets, walking for food is crappy and impractical."
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