Friday, August 11, 2006

Novel Inventory

3:00 p.m. / 15:00

Instead of washing my car, cleaning my rooms, studying for the GRE, watching the DVDs that are due back at the library or reading for my online book discussion, I decided to use a good little chunk of time today to inventory my novels.

Novels make up the greatest chunk of my total book collection. I have 226 total novels, including adult & children's. Three of them are currently being read, although two of those haven't been picked up in months. 103 of my novels are unread. 120 of my novels, or about 53%, have been read. I really need to work on that last number. I was very relieved, though, to find that I have read more than half of my novels. I wasn't sure if that was the case.


Wow. I even helped you sort them that one time and didn't know you had that many!
Well, I've probably purchased at least a dozen since then, if not two dozen.

This inventory was aimed at forcing myself to realize I was buying TOO MANY. Of course, the total has already gone up to 227 novels, because I recieved one as a belated birthday gift last night.
Gifts so don't count! ;)

I'm tempted to ask you to post your list, so I can revel in it and so I can reference it if I want to borrow something :) :) :)
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