Monday, May 08, 2006

Is That Dead Cow On My Feet?

11:18 p.m. / 23:18

On the off chance you don't already know, I am a vegetarian. As part of being a vegetarian, I don't buy leather. I figure if I'm not going to eat the animal for nutrition, then I have no business wearing it for fashion.

I've been wearing my new athletic shoes to work on and off for about the past month. I had trouble picking out a pair, because, well, the leather issue, and then I'm only willing to pay so much, and then the pair that seemed perfect was not in my size. I finally found a pair I felt I could live with for the next year or so; until the next time I decide my shoes are getting a little ratty to be worn to work. Actually, it is surprisingly easy to get good non-leather athletic shoes. Most athletic shoes have so much reflective material, various woven parts, shiny plastic bits, etc. that it often happens there's no room left for leather.

This morning, after owning the shoes almost a month, I realized I had somehow bought a pair of shoes that might actually have dead cow (or worse) on them. I can't really tell for sure; I'm not exactly a leather expert. They're a major name-brand, which sort of increases the chances they've real leather on them, but does not make it certain. I checked for a materials label, but couldn't find them. I have to keep them now. In fact, it would probably be worse to get rid of them and buy new, definitely leather-less shoes. Now, though, my feet will never be quite totally comfortable in these shoes. I'm going to wonder every time I put them on. Why couldn't they have just had the pair I really wanted in my size?

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